Mitt Sigtuna: Angela Rydén, Sigtuna stad

If you live in Sweden and practice yoga, chances are that you have made a journey to Sigtuna to visit Angela Ryden’s studio, Power Yoga Sweden.

Angela is an American and former business consultant for Microsoft Corporation in Seattle, Washington, who has now changed both country and career path to become one of Sigtuna’s beloved yoga teachers.

– When we looked to make a move to Sweden, where my husband is from, we found that Sigtuna had everything we looked for. Close to Stockholm and the rest of the world via Arlanda and set in a beautiful location by the lake and close to nature. A place where we could see our children grow up, says Angela. We spend a lot of quality time together with the kids, family and friends here. This might be a walk in Sigtuna town to play near the water, or pack a picnic lunch and head to one of the beaches. Sigtuna provides the backdrop but it is up to me to create it.

– Although yoga is my profession, it is also my greatest hobby. I love to go for a walk in Sigtuna town, have a seat and enjoy the surroundings. I practice gratitude for life and everything that I have. I have learned that teaching gratitude means that you must practice it. Just like swimming. You must practice swimming, in order to swim.

-Sigtuna is really special as you are so close to history and I feel like Sigtuna talks to me just like a great story every time I step into any of the amazing stores and buildings down Stora gatan. I believe that these buildings are the greatest storytellers of history, culture, beauty, hardship, perseverance, and life. But, we must be willing to listen.

If you are curious about trying out yoga please visit for more information.

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