Mitt Sigtuna: Terry McLeod, Pilsbo

Terry McLeod left the urban life in London in favor of his wife’s home country of Sweden five years ago. The family, with their two children, found their new home in Sigtuna town, far from the hustle and bustle of the big city of London.

With a background as a music producer in the UK, having worked for record labels Universal Records, SONY, Warner and EMI, Terry wanted to keep working with music in Sweden.

Watching his daughter dancing, playing around and singing with her friends in their new home town brought up the idea of helping the local youth with their music dreams.

Terry had previously created a pilot project in England where he opened his recording studio for local kids for a few days, helping them with song writing and music production. For example the group Blazin’ Squad got their break through the project and later got signed by Warner Music.

The thought of what was to be called DreamPack started to take shape as a mentoring platform for youth as a way into the music industry.

– I wanted to create new youth energy locally and at the same time show the kids the professional side of the music industry, says Terry. The music industry is tough to break into and in this day and age you need to have a very professional presentation of a high standard if you get the chance to present yourself to a potential manager or record label. This is what we work on together at DreamPack. Here you’ll get professional guidance and help to develop yourself as an artist, Terry explains.

In 2010 Terry, together with Kulturskolan, set up the first audition for kids and teens to join DreamPack. Around 60 kids showed up exhibiting their skills in dancing, singing and songwriting. Today approximately 30-40 kids are involve throughout each year in various after school activities where they develop as singers,  songwriters,  music producers, and event planners, this all leads to them performing in front of live audience on a series of shows throughout the year on the ”DRMPK Live” tour.

– This is where we test the market with their promotional singles together with local and national radio stations and promo videos, says Terry.

DreamPack is based in Forum, Märsta, and is open to everyone who wants to develop within music in any shape or form.

– We operate like a record company where a syndicate of people with the right skillsets are brought in for the various projects, says Terry.

Dreams for the future includes starting up a performing academy as well as an arena for art and music performances on the waterfront in Sigtuna town.

– A venue like the opera house in Sydney will do, laughs Terry. And then there is always that dream to find that ONE kid or group who will internationally make it big! Oh, and for Sigtuna IF football club to win the UEFA Cup of course…. actually not before my childhood team West Ham United, he says with a big smile.

DreamPack is always on the lookout for new talented artists, producers, songwriters and dance crews. If you want to get involved or think you have what it takes, get in touch!

For more information follow DreamPack on Facebook or visit

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